20th June, 2013

Note: One of the best days to trade is the day IMMEDIATELY AFTER a high volatility day. There is good, but not wild, volatility on such a day.
Strategy: Leg in to make flies through spreads. If the fly is not in gap, very often, you also get a quick chance to leg out as well.

Forcing myself to be aggressive in American hours, even though (or especially because) i had lost out on doing much in European hours.

1. Not coming prepared to trade with the above mindset.
2. Needed to be a little more confident and leg in and make right side flies (quick 3 month spread –> 6 month half-tick combination). Instead, i traded for o/r scalps (making money somewhere, losing it elsewhere), and thus ended up doing around 1000 round turns and not making any money overall; thus completely losing out on European hours.


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