24th June, 2013

Markets have changed. A lot.

In the mean time, my trading style has not changed as much as it should. The slower I change, the more opportunities I lose.

1. Booking losses with discipline

1. Scratching spreads a little too often; wasting round turns. Need to better gauge the right time to take position.
BUT on the other hand, fills are also not so easy to get.
2. Trading randomly. Need to make trading cleaner by focusing on particular strategies; like say quickly getting in and out & thus building specific flies through spreads.
3. ^^Thus scale up.
4. Taking short position in front 6-month fly; without a plan. Spiked against by 6 ticks.
Note: When whites are crashing, this fly is a LONG.
5. LIBOR increased by 0.4 bps – quite a magnitude given recent LIBOR fixings. One spike to the downside HAD to happen. Didn’t take the right entry for that trade.


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