28th June, 2013


With the increased volatility, the Friday unidirectional are getting even more violent.

1. Being on the wrong side of the Friday american hour move, CONTINUOUSLY! Even taking a double tick loss on 3-month spread.
2. Loss of discipline in o/r loss booking during ^^ move. Day stop.


21st June, 2013

The Friday Effect Рan extended, exaggerated, unidirectional move.

1. Randomly converting some 1 lot scalp-position into a “view” and casually going on averaging; eventually building up 8 lots there, in a move that went against me by around 14-15 ticks! Was very very lucky to get out this time without much damage. But this is exactly the type of thing that in one shot COMPLETELY RUINS my account.
2. ^^Thus on the wrong side of the Friday move.