1st July, 2013

1. VERY poor discipline early on in the day. Held U5 o/r 10 lots against for 6 ticks, and then did a revenge average by adding another 20 lots! Booked everything 1 tick below. Day stop.
Counting Friday, this was day stops in 2 continuous sessions.

1. Regaining some cool and making back everything in gross.


27th June, 2013

1. 29.5 level was supporting well on Z4. When market retraced a bit, price action supported that price. When I didn’t get fills there, I went long H5 and took a quick scalp of 2 ticks.
should have taken the trade with more lots.

1.  Was pretty bullish after looking at the charts (bullish engulfing prev. day), but in the morning itself market was at its highs. I thought I’ll wait for a retracement to go long; but market rallied up one way.
#PossibleMonthEndExtension move.
Lesson: When confident about the trade, enter with fewer lots, so you can add if market retraces or otherwise you still have a position.
2. ^^Not going short on the Z3.Z4.Z5 one year fly.
3. Was holding H4 double fly, which was almost completely in gap, yet nobody was hitting. Should have tried legging out via spreads, at least with partial lots. End of day, fly flipped up.
4. Not sticking to plan. Went long Sep15 o/r, and plan was to hold position with support as 200 MA on 5-min 10year chart. However, I panicked over one last tick and booked loss. From there market rallied back.